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Tune of the week: Pastorale by Pinky Loops

"Pastorale" by the Polish band "Pinky Loops" is a contemporary classical work.

The music begins with a gentle atmospheric sound of pizzicato notes played by the cello and violin. A rather lengthy intro precedes the main theme. The cello plays a beautiful dreamy and pastoral melody while the pizzicato figure remains in the background. and violin joins shortly to repeat and develop the melody further.

Pastorale maintains a pleasant and calm ambiance throughout the composition and does not disrupt it. a great piece for sleeping, learning, or concentrating.

Pinky Loops is a Polish string duo that combines classical and electronica. They use a looper, an electronic looping machine, to perform their creations and well-known, popular songs on electric instruments: violin and cello. This allows for the recording of musical themes during performances, playing them as a backup track, and recording a few recordings to each other.

The listener has the ability to join in the song creation act, which adds to the excitement of the live show. Pinky Loops have been playing their instruments (Asian cello, Marta violin) since they were seven years old. They both completed their studies at the Bydgoszcz Academy of Music on classical instruments. They've known each other for years and have had the opportunity to play together in a variety of musical endeavors, so they've discovered that playing together brings them joy. As a result, they decided to form Pinky Loops, an electric duet.

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