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Tune of the week: Crossroads by Vincent Roy

Since he began making music, Vincent Roy has stayed committed to his own aesthetic. He invests a lot of effort into making his tracks sophisticated, but he also keeps in mind that everyone should be able to appreciate them.

He has produced a single track using modulators that is concise yet seamless. We are led on an emotional trip with Vincent Roy to discover his musical ideas from the very first seconds.

Vincent Roy (aka Welkin) is a folk and ambient artist from France, based in Tallinn, Estonia. Vincent is a multi-instrumentalist focusing mostly on guitar and synths.

Vincent's music aims to create simple melodies, textures, and soundscapes that are inspired by nature to take the audience on a journey of reflection and meditation.

Electronic musician Vincent Roy primarily creates ambient music, However, he is also an artist in the true sense of the word. His love of music and playing an instrument is just the beginning of it. Vincent is studying film to expand his expressive tools. He uses many media formats, such as music, film, pictures, and light, to replicate the world as he sees it.

Like his music, Vincent captures a sense of serenity in his landscape photographs.

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