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Tune of the week: Hypatia's Song by Matteo Ramon Arevalos

The song "Hypatia's Song" can be found on the "Mystic View" album by Matteo Ramon Arevalos. This composition is a gentle stream of feelings played on the oboe and piano.

Mystic View is a selection of compositions that have also come to life in films: "Raffaello - La Stanza della Segnatura" (2009) by director Elisabetta Sgarbi, "Roberto" (2016) by director Alessandro Tedde, "Late Penang Afternoon" (2017) by director Hanspeter Ammann, " Out of Mind" (2021) by the director Nicolás Isasi and in the shows "Variazioni sull'Angolo Diedro" (2010) by group I.Feraud, "Leo" (2020) by the Drammatico Vegetale company, "Infernoparadiso" (2021) by the company Drammatico Vegetale/Teatro del Drago.

Italian pianist and composer Matteo Ramon Arevalos specializes in modern classical music. Late romanticism, modernism, and a hint of personal expression can all be heard in his music. He is an incredibly talented musician.

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