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High Altitude by Soshiant

Soshiant's first official release is an ambient electronic single track named "High Altitude" produced and released by Tunitemusic record label.

High Altitude is a combination of styles wrapped up in one single track. I had a bit of a struggle writing a title for this track, in the end, I chose to call it an ambient piece of music, but if I'd say it is downtempo or chill-out music I would still be correct.

I don't mean that the music changes and goes into different styles here, on the contrary, it has a constant atmosphere and mood from beginning to end. but it runs on a smooth lane in between several genres.


Sohiant, also known as DJ Soshiant, is an electronic musician and multi-instrumentalist from Iran.

His main passion is Techno and chill-out music. Besides being predominant in synthesizers, he is also a professional Harmonica and Electric Guitar player.

You can read more about him on his official artist page on the Tunitemusic website.

High Altitude form and instrumentation

The whole track is created by synthesizers, though there is no sampling in the piece and everything has been played by Soshiant himself.

It is had to find a form for this piece, the closest form that comes to my mind is through composing style, meaning the composer changes the melody and harmony as it goes through the piece. Not a lot of repetitions happen.

In general, the form suits the mood of the piece, it is very smooth and soothing. you will not remember much about the piece after listening to it. and for an ambient piece of music, that's actually what you should be looking for. there's nothing to disturb you from your relaxation or study. the music will fill the background and keeps your mind focused while not attracting attention to itself.


As for the first release of a new musician, High Altitude seems promising. the mood of the piece is very atmospheric and takes the audience into another world.

I'll be waiting for Soshiant's next release and I'm sure it will be a brilliant album or single track.

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