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The journey of Tunitemusic in 2022

As a young and independent record company, every year brings new challenges for our small team and the artists we work with.

High Altitude by Soshiant

Soshiant's first official release is an ambient electronic single track named "High Altitude" released by Tunitemusic record label.

How to Write a Song Like a Pro

Songwriting is the process of creating lyrics and music for songs.

Dancing Leaf by Hamed Habibpour

"Dancing Leaf" is Hamed Habibpour's latest single track continuing his style, a new age soothing track.

Morning Haze by Vincent Roy

A new age piece of music, with a melodic piano, is Vincent Roy's new single track, Morning Haze.

Gizeh, atmospheric and melodic music

DJ Floyd Pro's second official track "Gizeh" is a piece of electronic chill-out music with a downbeat rhythm, published by Tunitemusic.

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