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Gizeh, atmospheric and melodic music

DJ Floyd Pro's second official track "Gizeh" is a piece of electronic chill-out music with a downbeat rhythm, published by Tunitemusic record label.

While most musicians avoid having the "DJ" in front of their names when they compose their own piece, DJ Floyd Pro proudly and insistingly refers to his experience as a DJ.

I don't know when and where did he decide to go by this name, but I'm pretty sure that him, being a DJ, helped a lot in perceiving the sounds around him and creating his own soundscape.

Gizeh is in fact a mix of different styles in electronic music, something that a DJ must know how to do very well! by the name and the artwork of the piece I guessed that it might be a track with some middle eastern instruments on a steady beat. but I was wrong. the piece is a conventional electronic music piece. but only conventional in terms of the instrumentation. the composition takes many turns and is practically a compilation of several styles.

The soundscape

DJ Floyd Pro is an experienced musician, with the ability to play several musical instruments, both electronic and acoustic.

According to the producer of the piece, Arashk Azizi, all the lines from melody to harmonic accompaniment in "Gizeh" are performed and recorded by DJ Floyd himself and there is no sequencing used in the piece.

it also makes sense, the music feels alive, and you can feel the touch of a performer while listening to the piece.

The atmospheric soundscape of the piece is so suitable for the desert landscape on its cover artwork. I honestly don't know if DJ Floyd composed the music based on that picture, or found it later and saw the closeness between the two. either way, the combination of that landscape, which is an unfiltered picture of a desert in Iran, and the atmosphere of the piece are very pleasant.

Form and style

As I mentioned before, "Gizeh" is a mix of different styles in one single track. electronic ambient, chill-out, downbeat, space house, and even melodic deep house styles, are obviously traceable in the piece.

I really enjoyed the way the atmospheric sounds of space house style, just turn into what clearly is ambient music, in this piece. the transition between the styles is so smooth that the audience may never notice them unless listening carefully.

Gizeh has a short but catchy and memorable melody, that hovers over a sea of sounds. sometimes diving in and hiding from our ears and sometimes jumping up and showing itself to us.

The piece starts with a compilation of sound effects and is soon followed by the electronic accompaniment. though we don't hear the full melody line until later in the piece, from the beginning, DJ Floyd gives us pieces of the melody here and there. after several times listening to the piece, you can easily distinguish the melodic gestures that show up as a part of the accompaniment in the first two minutes of the piece.

After three and half minutes into the piece, the music falls, and feels like we are near the end. but we hear some more sound effects and fall into the last part of the piece that has no melody and is basically a downbeat variation of what we heard so far.

All and all, DJ Floyd Pro. has created a piece of ambient music, that can resolve into the background and help us chill out, relax, read, or focus.


The best thing about "Gizeh" is that with all its depth, it's so easy to listen to it. you can go deep and focus on every moment of the piece, or scratch the soft and easy listening surface of the piece. either way, in my opinion, you'll enjoy listening to this piece.

DJ Floyd Pro showed us in this track that he has a lot to offer when it comes to composition. I could just close my eyes and lose myself in "Gizeh" and I'm sure this is just the beginning of the big musical journey of this talented musician. I can't wait to hear his next compositions.

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