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Elektronika, an acoustic experience in the realm of electronic music

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Elektronika is the second official album of the French musician, Vincent Roy, produced by Arashk Azizi. This ambient electronic album has been published by the Tunitemusic record label.

The album has been released in the April of 2021 and consists of eight tracks named in order: “Sideways”, “Cascade”, “Dialogue”, “Elektronika”, “Inherence”, “Interlude”, “Waves”, and “One last thought”. You can listen to this album on all the digital music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Youtube music. You can also buy the studio-quality version from Tunitemusic’s store.

The ambient atmosphere of the album is consistent through all of the tracks. Despite the fact that Synthesizers play the main role in this album, the feeling that you’ll get after listening to this music is not much far from an acoustic new age album. Vincent's experience as a guitar player, helped him bring the feeling of acoustic instruments into this fully electronic music.

Elektronika is an excellent choice for background music, and no wonder it has been chosen by many curators to be added to their ambient playlists on different platforms. but at the same time, it is indeed a good company for a visual product, the melodic quality of each track makes it a good choice for accompanying a video.

Vincent Roy’s comment about the style of his album is: “With this project, I’m really trying to create something similar to a soundtrack like I have experimented with in the past, something that could be used with audio-visual contents such as short movies or animation.

Vincent showed in his other albums, “An Estonian Winter” and “Dron #2” as well, that he has a passion for an audio-visual art form.

Let’s hear about the album from its producer, Arashk Azizi, as well: “I was hoping to create an easy listening album in ambient style, while it has enough melodic and narrative quality as well. It seemed a very hard thing to do, but Vincent was talented enough to get what I want and create some exceptional music”

The use of modular synth keys, repetitive arpeggios, and a minimalistic style in most of the pieces of the Elektronika, makes this album worth your while. Listening to Elektronika is an experience that will upgrade your taste in electronic ambient music.

Vincent Roy is not a big name yet, but his music is as high quality as many big names in the music industry. And there is no doubt that in the future with the support of his fans, he will be as famous as he deserves.

As a fan of music, I am eagerly waiting for his next creations and looking forward to seeing Vincent’s growth as a musician.

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