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Relax, You're in good hands!

Tunitemusic is a music publisher and record label based in Tallinn, Estonia, that collaborates with talented musicians globally. Our mission is to assist artists in discovering their distinctive sounds and crafting their personal narratives. We carry the cultural flame kindled by the most skilled, talented, and singular independent artists of our time. Our main focus is on instrumental music in a variety of genres like classical, new age, new wave, chill-out, and ambient.  

Since its founding in 2020, Tunitemusic has stayed one step ahead of music trends, offering artists and producers a trustworthy platform to launch and develop their musical careers. Explore the site to learn more about us.

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Whispers of the String
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Latest Releases

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Whispers of the String

"Whispers of the String" is an EP released by the remarkable Iranian composer and instrumentalist, Fouad Samiei. The album contains three instrumental pieces showcasing Fouad's mastery of Persian Tar.


"Teleion" by Lopez & Arevalos revives ancient Greek music with a contemporary twist. This captivating album blends classical elegance and modern innovation, breathing new life into fragments of ancient melodies. Experience a unique musical journey through time.


Discover 'Grays' by Soshiant: eight celestial tracks, cosmic beats, and ambient wonders. Elevate your senses! The electronic ambient album will mesmerize your senses and take you to another universe.

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Contemporary Classical

Piano and Vocal

Lopez & Arevalos: A dynamic duo blending classical and contemporary sounds. They traverse folk and ancient music, from Latin rhythms to Ancient Greek melodies, crafting a distinct and captivating style uniquely their own.

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