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Record labels carry the torch which is lit by some of the most talented, gifted, and unique musicians of our generation. Tunitemusic is an established Record Label based and music publisher in Estonia. Since its founding in 2020, Tunitemusic has stayed one step ahead of music trends, offering artists and producers a trustworthy platform to launch and develop their musical careers. Explore the site to learn more about us.



Tunitemusic is constantly releasing music into the world. As an independent record label and music publisher based in Tallinn, Tunitemusic has had the opportunity to work with immensely talented musicians., helping them record and release their music. Here you’ll be able to check out the label’s latest albums and single releases. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or remarks.

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Rain Piano

30 October 2020

Rain Piano is a soothing album, consisting of eight solo piano tracks with a calming rain sound in the background. the pieces of this album are written by different composers and musicians and it is compiled in an album under the artist name of Tunitemusic.

Arashk Azizi
Still Moment

22 November 2020

"Still Moment" is the first Piano Poem by Arashk Azizi. this form is based on solo piano, it takes the audience through an emotional journey with a narrative quality. the Piece starts in a dark minor key and ends in a more positive mood, though still in a minor key. Piano Poem mainly consists of variations on the main theme with a feeling of improvisation.

Vincent Roy
An Estonian Winter

25 November 2020

An Estonian Winter is the first official EP album by Vincent Roy. This album started as an audio-visual project and after Vincent moved from France to his new City, Tallinn, he started composing the pieces based on the peace and calmness he found in his new living environment. An Estonian Winter is the artist's first impression of nature in Estonia, turned into sounds.

Vincent Roy

9 April 2021

Elektronika is Vincent Roy's second album, containing eight electronic tracks. the pieces are in ambient style, and the album has a soothing and calming mood. The tracks have excellent quality, the mix, and the mastering are done superbly. The vintage synths sounds will impress your ears.

Arashk Azizi

14 May 2021

Variation on a Persian theme, Op. 5 "Navaei" is the 6th official release and second single track by Arashk Azizi. this piece is a solo piano piece in the style of late romantic music, based on a folk song named "Navaei" from the "Greater Khorasan" today's northeast Iran and west Afghanistan.

Hamed Habibpour
Songs for the Middle East

June 2021

This album is one of the most exotic sounding releases from Tunitemusic so far. Hamed Habibpour is an Iranian musician and multi-instrumentalist who lives in Istanbul. in this soothing, new age style album, he experiments with different instruments and sounds from the vast culture in the Middle East. the album will be released in summer 2021.

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