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Ten must-see musicals

Opera was the main entertainment in the 19th century. In the 20th century, cinema took its place, but still, in the first half of the century, musicals were a great part of this new entertainment.

Opera is an Italian word, many cultures changed the name and also some qualities of the Opera and made it their own, Germans call it, the Singspiel and the Americans call it Musical. Bear in mind that I'm aware of the differences between Opera and a Musical, though we should consider that both of them consist of a story being told by singing actors and actresses, while they are accompanied by an orchestra or a music band. for the sake of the argument, I think it is safe to say that Musicals are offsprings of Operas.

To this day musicals are popular in broadway shows. But they are not as popular as some decades ago in the cinema halls.

Here are some of the most iconic musicals from the cinema, for you to watch.

10 musicals everybody must see

1- West Side Story

The modern tale of Romeo and Juliet that happens in New York with the incredible music of Leonard Bernstein is without a doubt one of the most important musicals of all time.

10 musicals everybody must see

2- The Phantom of The Opera

This modern movie that has been produced in 2004 and directed by Joel Schumacher, is a reproduction of the musical with the same name composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber in the 80s. The haunting story based on the book by Gaston Leroux and the amazing music of Lloyd Webber made this musical a dazzling masterpiece.

10 musicals everybody must see

3- Singin in the Rain

This musical produced in the first years of the 50s has a very important rule both musically and cinematically. The story of this musical is about the history of cinema and for us today it is both entertaining and educational.

10 musicals everybody must see

4- the Wizard of Oz

The music of Harold Arlen and Herbert Stothart combined with the wonderful story of L. Frank Baum created one of the greatest musicals in the history of cinema.

10 musicals everybody must see

5- Mary Poppins

Robert B. Sherman, Richard M. Sherman, and Irwin Kostal together composed the music for this popular musical that has been released in 1964 for the first time.

10 musicals everybody must see

6- Chicago

This musical released in 2002, showed that Hollywood still can create great musicals in the style of the 50s and 60s. The dazzling music and scenery in this amazing musical will stun you for two hours.

10 musicals everybody must see

7- The Sound of Music

This musical contains lots of great songs. Some of them translated into various languages. This is one of the most important musicals in the case of great songs.

10 musicals everybody must see

8- Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

This musical with the story from Roald Dahl and compositions from Anthony Newley, Walter Scharf, and Leslie Bricusse is a wonderful movie from 1971.

10 musicals everybody must see

9- Jesus Christ Superstar

Based on the play composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, this musical is the story of Jesus and his passions told with rock music.

10 musicals everybody must see

10- Bye Bye Birdie

A true "Hollywood" interpretation of the Broadway musical, but nevertheless still as addicting. The stunning music of Charles Strouse in this comedy musical will entertain you greatly.

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