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The Poetry of Chaos, Analysing 'Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué' by Output 1:1:1

Output 1:1:1's debut album, "Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué," is a sonic journey into the abyss of avant-garde rock music.

From the very first note, it's clear that this album is not designed for easy listening. The deliberate use of distortion permeates every aspect of the music, from the individual guitar lines to the harmonics, vocals, drums, and even the overall mix. Multi-rhythmic patterns reminiscent of classical compositions add complexity to the tracks, making "Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué" a sonic labyrinth.

However, it's precisely this complexity that reveals the hidden beauty within the music. Once you acclimate to the unfamiliar textures, you'll discover a melodic baseline that anchors the chaos, exquisite drum performances that drive the intensity, and poetic guitar solos that resonate with emotion.

The album features eight tracks, each pushing the boundaries of genre and style, creating a modernistic and avant-garde experience. It's not just music; it's an overwhelming sensory journey that mirrors the complexities of life itself.

In this album, a "solo" isn't just a guitar melody; it's a manifestation of sound, a cacophony of expression, a scream of a lost soul.

"Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué" transcends mere lyricism and becomes a poem, exploring the boundaries of sound.

One standout aspect of the album is the mix of vocals. Rather than taking center stage, the vocals are pushed into the background, struggling to be heard amidst the musical chaos, the shivering sound of the vocals is crushed under the pressure of the surroundings. This approach creates a powerful metaphor for an individual's existence in a chaotic world, where the voice is a whisper in the midst of tumultuous noise.

Output 1:1:1 has crafted an album filled with chaos, and it's up to the listener to unearth the order hidden within this remarkable music. "Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué" is a musical journey that challenges conventions and invites you to explore the depths of its sonic landscape.

This Toronto-based Avant-Goth trio has not simply created a COVID-inspired record during lockdown. Instead, "Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué" is the culmination of Output 1:1:1's creative evolution, born from the dissected and reconstructed compositions explored in their podcast, "Cold Waves of Comfort." It's a powerful testament to their ability to reverse-engineer songs from a cacophony of percussion, fragments of metal, and anguished vocalizations.

"Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué" isn't just an album; it's an experience that pushes the boundaries of musical expression. Output 1:1:1 invites you to step into their world, where chaos and order dance together in a mesmerizing and thought-provoking symphony of sound.

“Bach on the wrong notes” is what Prokoviev said about Igor Stravinsky. And I believe it can be said that Output 1:1:1 is Tool On the wrong notes. The style and the rhythmic patterns in “Rolling Corpese Pathetiqué” are a reminder of Tools music, but not on the surface and not in the texture, you need to dig deep.

This album is not your everyday rock music, it begs the attention of the audience, and it needs time and focus to reveal its beauty to you.


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