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Tune of the Week: Holiday by Chris Vince

Shut the door, but leave the key

Wear all your clothes so the case will close
Look up at me, the question posed
I’ll answer when we finally speak

Down the stairs, just one more flight
Drag the bags out to the street
We’re starting again, a new clean sheet
Let’s find where we’ll sleep tonight…

During the Christmas season of 2022, I was inspired to use the bits of television that I pay for every month to watch whatever Christmas movies Netflix had put out that year. One of the movies I was fortunate enough to watch was called The Noel Diary. It’s about this book writer whose mother has passed away. As the new owner of her old house, he’s been asked to return and box up all of the things his hoarder of a mother has collected over the years since she kicked him out at 16.

While back home, his neighbor eventually leads him to a woman that’s been hanging around outside his mother's house for a few days. While she typically stays in her car, she and the writer eventually meet up, get acquainted, and decide to go on a platonic (at first) adventure together to find the writer’s estranged father. This woman is following the trail left in her mother’s "Noel diary" that she was able to recover from her own adoptive parents. They follow the trail left by her mother and that also leads to father and son re-connecting after decades apart.

Now, I already know what you’re thinking… this is the saddest Christmas movie story you’ve ever heard about.

That is precisely how it feels to listen to Holiday by Chris Vince.

On Holiday, the piano soars strongly during the intro as Vince begins. There really is an extreme Christmas feeling about the production of this song. It's just that as soon as Vince starts singing, the Christmas lyrics fade and what's left might make you want to cry every year. Similar to the story that’s set up in The Noel Diary, this Holiday song quickly turns its bright feel of a lovely sabbatical to its true purpose. The lyrics come in, shred your expectations, and describe what's actually happened to this couple.

Don’t think too much
Believe and say
We are going on Holiday

Holiday takes its time as it explains the lives of two people who have been kicked out of their home. Forced to quickly find a new place to spend the night, the man in the song only has another five days before a flight will take him away once again. We don’t get an inkling of where he’s going or why he’s leaving, but we don’t need it. We can hope that Chris Vince does his best to help make the worst situation imaginable just a little bit better. The door may run into the bed, and the place may be a mess, but all you have to do is stop thinking, believe and say, that you are going on a holiday. Hopefully, that will be enough to help after finally getting evicted.

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