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Tune of the Week: Bamboo Brown by Ryan Hill

I have this vision of myself entering a show at the BBQ place near my house. I’m hoping to take my mind off of my own problems by using someone's music to basically sop up the BBQ juice on my plate. It almost doesn’t matter to me who the artist is, because I came for the vegan BBQ much more than the talent today. Yet there is something in listening to Bamboo Brown by Ryan Hill, in which I can close my eyes between bites of food and just listen. There is always the hope of finding something in this music that touches me differently than the other music I often hear.

There is such peace and tranquility in the acoustic guitar of Ryan Hill. That is the expectation for Bamboo Brown in large part. That feeling as the song starts with a mid-speed, lyric-free, folk guitar before moving into the slightly more dynamic bits of the chorus. The song is never really too slow. From there, it eventually returns to that same peace and tranquility it offers at the opening. However, it changes everything around at the very end of the song. At 2:25, this very interesting switch makes me reopen my eyes.

A rhythmic rattle drapes across the guitar. Next, Bamboo Brown takes its initial tranquilness and shifts it into something that makes me want to nod my head along with it. It’s still acoustic and it’s still free of lyrics, but now the musical elements have picked up and taken to this newer, more open place. It feels amazing to be invested in it this quicker, more robust factor in Hill's music. In other words, Bamboo Brown has come to play in its final moments.

When it’s all said and done I’ve finally finished my meal, drank my kombucha, and watched Ryan Hill's show. I can finally see that I haven’t really thought about any of the problems I originally came in here with. It was nice having those lovely moments of eating vegan BBQ and watching someone do something that blended both the rock and roll I love with the more classical style of acoustic guitar playing I have learned to appreciate out in Estonia. It makes you wonder that if Bamboo Brown can be this exceptional, what other spiritual healing music is out there that’s worth listening to? It may be time to ask the streaming services to help me find even more things to listen to.

More new songs can be found on Tunitemusic Spotify playlists! We update our playlists on a daily basis and are always looking for new talents to share with our audience.

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