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Tune of the week: Five to give by Dario Forzato

Italian-born composer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Dario Forzato is a Los Angeles resident. After years of touring in Italy and the US, he began creating music for films and television. His work has included writing and performing the theme for the bestselling computer game "Rocksmith" by Ubisoft and composing the music for numerous television programs, indie movies, and documentaries. At the LA Shorts Awards in 2016, his score for the short film "A Very Lovely Dress" won Best Original Score. Around the world, a variety of entertainment media channels broadcast Dario's always-changing music.

"Five to Give" is the last piece from Dario's EP album "Anomalie" released in August 2022. the album contains five pieces named:

  1. One of a kind

  2. Two under

  3. Three times three

  4. four steps

  5. Five to give

"Five to give" starts with a slow guitar arpeggio and long notes over it played by low strings, creating a floating atmosphere. Despite the lack of a strong melody in the intro, the audience will keep listening because of the piece's engaging mood. After the intro, the piece changes its direction while maintaining the mood thanks to the shimmering strings' expressive vibrato and smooth melody. then a piano enters, disrupting the composition's harmony. Although the piece still has a soothing texture, and the harmonic change that the piano introduces, only serves to highlight the melody of the strings when we return to it.

"Deep reflective track that reaches the most oneiric parts of our mind. A muted baritone guitar is joined by unsettling bowed sounds, lush retro-sounding strings, and a dense piano melody." Dario says on his composition "five to give".

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