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Tune of the week: Symphony No.1 in D Minor by Raynald Grenier

Raynald Grenier's release, 'Symphony No. 1 in D Minor,' is unquestionably a fine and captivating new work by the Canadian composer. 'Symphony No. 1 in D Minor,' the artist's sixth album, features a blend of moving melodies and hypnotic harmonies in three movements.

'Symphony No. 1' is the realization of Raynald Grenier's long-held desire to write a work for the Sacred Repertoire, and it includes musical arrangements and orchestrations by Grenier and Gilles Léveillé.

Grenier's 'Symphony No. 1' premiered on the 24th of June, 2022, it features a magnificent and moving mix of melodies, creating a truly transcendental experience. Raynald believes that music is the best antidote to all of the world's evils. He is always surprised by the nuanced ways it is used to build bridges of understanding and tolerance among many cultures. In his first symphony, Raynold brought his beliefs to life.

Beginning in the 1980s, Raynald Grenier worked as a conductor and pianist for many vocal and musical ensembles. Raynald spent years captivating audiences with his innumerable theatrical performances in the US, Canada, and Europe before he made the decision to give up the stage and focus on musical invention and composition.

His first symphony has been performed and recorded by the Global studio philharmonic orchestra under the baton of Gilles Léveillé.

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