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What are the top ten most popular musical instruments?

Musical instruments have a direct effect on the genre and style of music. Therefore it is not wrong to say that the most popular genres make their instruments the most popular ones.

Whether you try to compose new songs or cover your loved songs, you will subconsciously choose the instrument that is often used in your favorite songs and genres. There is no doubt that guitars and keyboard instruments, especially the piano are among the most popular songs, cause they are almost in every genre and every song.

1- Electric Guitar:

The electric guitar is actually new to this position. It is just a couple of years since this instrument has reached its pick of popularity. Twenty years ago, the Electric guitar would be used just in rock music. But today, no matter what genre you are listening to, there is a good chance of hearing a guitar solo. From accompaniment and solos of hip hop music to classical concertos, you can hear the sound of this amazing musical instrument.

2- The Piano

If you want to play a whole symphony, without losing any of its harmonic richness, the piano is your instrument. No matter what your favorite genre is Piano can play all the layers of your favorite song alone. From the first day of its creation in 1698 by Bartolomeo Cristofori, this amazing instrument found its place in every house all around the world, and to this day, it is still one of the wonders of humanity.

3- The Violin

The lyrical sound of the violin can speak for your thoughts. The loud sound and small size of this instrument make it perfect for travelers who can’t be away from their instruments. Violin has been through lots of changes in time and the version of it that we are familiar with today has been around for almost 500 years. Before that, there were different kinds of fiddles that were being played by troubadours. In the fifteen and sixteen centuries, the Italian craftsmen started to improve their fiddles and they came up with the new series of instruments that we know as the Violin family today. Amati and Stradivarius are among the most important instrument makers in history that had a bold rule in developing the Violin.

4- Drums

The loud sound and the excitement that it gives you when playing the Drum, have made it one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. Although the Drum has many varieties, the standard drum contains a kick drum, a snare drum, two tom-toms, and one or two cymbals. Rock music had a very important role in making this instrument popular.

5- Bass Guitar

Though the sound of the Bass Guitar is not very melodic, the power it has when playing a rhythm attracts everybody. the bass guitar is very essential to numerous music genres. Compared to other similar instruments, it is easier to learn it.

6- Saxophone

The most sexy-sounding instrument in the world surely has a place among the most popular instruments too. Though this instrument is an essential part of jazz music, it has found a strong place in other genres as well. The Saxophone solo in Careless Whisper by the Wham and George Michael might be one of the most popular instrumental solos in the last century.

7- The Cello

All instruments produce their sound by vibrating their body via a string or a column of air. Instruments that have a much bigger contact with their player, give more of their vibration to them and this means that a little part of the sound that we hear from them, comes actually from the body of the player. Cello or Violincello is one of the best instruments in this manner. The player of Cello puts it between their legs and hug it with all their body and starts playing. When playing Cello you don’t just play an instrument, you make the sound with your body as well.

8- The Flute

The calm, velvet, and magical sound of the flute is everybody’s favorite. Every nation in the world has its own special kind of flute instrument. The orchestral flute is the most popularized and the most powerful one, in terms of the ability to play in different keys. The orchestra flute is embarrassed by all musicians and music lovers around the world.

9- The Clarinet

Just like the flute which is part of the woodwind family, the clarinet is a great instrument to learn and play. This instrument has been a serious part of the classical orchestra since the time of W.A. Mozart and continued to do so until today. At the same time, you can’t imagine a big Jazz band without a Clarinet. Marching bands, military bands, and wedding bands, all have a Clarinet with its exotic deep sound.

10- The Trumpet

The power of the trumpet in making different sounds is more than you think. The trumpet can play epic melodies for the Hollywood soundtrack and also compete with the Saxophone with its jazzy sexy sound. You can also hear a Trumpet playing smooth melodies like an Oboe. all these, make this amazing instrument a very popular one in the world.

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