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All about peaceful music

Peaceful, calm, and soothing music is the desired necessity for our modern world.

Can music actually calm our minds and put everything in its place?

We are living in a world full of noise. The speed of living in a city is surpassing the speed of our minds. Sometimes we need to have a break from this world, and having a vacation is not always the option. But can music do that for us?

While you are listening to music, it affects your mind in every aspect. Even if you are not listening to the music and it is being played in the background, still it has a powerful effect on you. The effect of music on the human mind is so much that there are lots of university majors being taught and studying this phenomenon.

Listening to peaceful music can make your mind calm itself down and rest for a while. If you are having trouble focusing on a subject, you should just let your brain calm down a bit before making any decision. To do that, simply find some calm music and start listening to them. Even you can do some handy jobs that don't need you to focus and let the music play in the background. After a while, you will see the unbelievable effect it has on your mind. Your mind can put everything back together and start focusing again.

How do we know if a piece of music is really calming for us or not? Here is a personal test you can do on a track and see if it calms you or not.

  • You must be able to listen to that track with a loud sound without getting goosebumps.

  • It must feel familiar to you, even if it's the first time you are listening to this track.

  • You must be able to talk with somebody while this music is being played, even if it contains vocals.

  • The music should not have a lot of ups and downs, if you are listening to it at midnight, you shouldn’t have to change the volume up and down in order to hear it well and don’t bother the neighbors at the same time. It should have a constant volume.

  • You must be able to fall asleep listening to this music and don’t wake up because of it.

  • You must be able to do your daily routine, like reading, and have this music as a background sound without being interrupted by it.

Usually, the piano and guitar are the best instruments to play calm music for you. They are familiar and can play a whole piece with its accompaniments on their own. So you will not have a lot of instruments playing along with the main melody while listening to piano or guitar music. They can give you the calm atmosphere of a violoncello and at the same time harmonic complexity of an orchestra.

Of course, you should keep in mind that there is not one suitable set of music to calm everybody down with. Depending on each person's personality, a different kind of music and instrument might calm them more than the other.

these factors are effective on your perception of music:

  • the culture and society you grew up in.

  • your age.

  • your current state of mind.

  • your memories with certain tunes, rhythms, or harmonic progressions.

The best person to find calm music for you is you. If you feel that heavy metal music is peaceful for you, go with it. Of course, it is not a normal thing to calm down with the harsh and distorted sound of heavy metal music and you should really think to do something about it.

Make a playlist for yourself and don’t be afraid to add new tracks and test them. Time will tell if they can really calm you or not. Edit your playlist, and add and delete music to it, until you find the best music for your relaxation time.

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