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Bio music and its definition

Bio Music is music that a human being had no part in its creation except for the recording.

Bio music is an experimental form of music that bolds the fact that every sound in nature can be music. If we define music as time in sound, then any sound can be a piece of music. The sound of rain, waterfall, a burning pile of wood, and a breeze in the leaves of a tree are among the many subjects of bio music.

In some sources, bio music is considered to be a sub-genre to the new age music. In general, bio music is mostly sounds of nature that are being used as music for relaxation and meditation. Many people prefer to sleep listening to a particular sound of nature, like the sound of waves of the sea. In this manner, there is a very obvious similarity between bio music and new age music.

Basically, bio music can be divided into two sub-categories:

  • Music, that is completely produced and recorded in nature.

  • Music, that is arranged by a musician and uses just nature sounds.

In many cases, the difference between these two categories is not obvious. It may sound very easy to produce a bio music piece. But actually, you need to be a very good sound engineer to be able to record a decent sound from nature.

Recording the sound of a leaf on a tree needs a very sensitive microphone. This kind of microphone records everything in its shooting range and makes it very hard to record just a small sound between a lot of other noises.

The post-production of this music also needs a lot of expertise. The compression of the sound and leveling of the different sounds that have been recorded in nature can be a very hard process. The post-production of a studio-recorded piece of music is a frustrating one, now think about the sounds that have been recorded in the open air without any control over them.

Of course, the process, in general, is easier than recording an orchestral piece, but still, we should not forget that even recording the sound of rain and replaying it the same way as our ears hear it in nature, is a long and complicated process.

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