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Dancing Leaf by Hamed Habibpour

"Dancing Leaf" is Hamed Habibpour's latest single track continuing his style, a new age soothing track consisting of musical elements from the middle east and the west.

Hamed has shown immense talent in combining western and eastern musical elements and creating a unique soundscape that truly belongs to himself alone! in his latest release "Dancing Leaf" he created a soothing and positive mood using synthesizers as accompaniment and an Iranian instrument called Setar as the main leading melody.

Dancing Leaf has been produced and released by the Tunitemusic OU record label. Arashk Azizi, the producer of the piece says: "I consider Hamed's music as a project for myself, a one of a kind music, connecting east and west in new-age style and a soothing atmosphere. unfortunately, his music has not been known as much as it should've been and I'm doing my best to support and promote this music and hope someday I can bring Hamed the fame he truly deserves."


The instrument's name literary means "3 strings" be that as it may, it has 4 strings. the 4th string or the bass string is mostly used as a resonance string and helps deepen the sound of the instrument.

The melodic and harmonic progression

The use of Setar in Hamed Habibpour's latest release is brilliant. he carries the burden of the melody on Setar, but at the same time, the arpeggio played by the Synth in the background completes the main motive of the theme.

This cooperation of the instruments does not limit to the main theme, Hamed repeats the same thing in the development of the theme.

the most haunting part of the development is when Setar starts to play variations of the melody and the Synth continues playing the same arpeggio on the same harmonic progression, so at the same time while you are listening to a variation of the theme, the Synth completes the sentences and reminds your mind of the main theme, so in your subconscious, you hear that melody as well.

I could not say that this is a polyphonic texture because technically it is not. but I can say that at some points it feels like you are listening to polyphonic music.


In the end, it is up to your taste in music. but if you are a fan of brilliant music, you will surely love Hamed Habibour's music. and his latest release "Dancing Leaf" is an absolutely astonishing track with a shimmering melody. I strongly recommend it to everyone.

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