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Morning Haze by Vincent Roy

A new age piece of music, with a melodic piano, is Vincent Roy's new single track, Morning Haze.

Vincent Roy has released 3 official albums so far and in all those albums he had an ambient electronic style. but suddenly in his last single track, released on the 15th of April 2022, he changed his style and tried a new wave and more melodic style of music.

Arashk Azizi, the producer of Morning Haze says about it: "at first I was not sure about this change in the style, but the music sounded so great and I just knew that I want to produce it. after all, Vincent is a really talented musician, and the last thing I want to do is to limit him to one style or genre".

Morning Haze is a different release from Vincent Roy. the melodic piano on a positive accompaniment, in a new age style, is a new approach from him.

An electric piano plays an arpeggio, going up and down the scales, and gives you the feeling that this is the main melody. but suddenly a more classical-sounding piano starts a melody on top of it. the main melody is not that catchy and has a contemporary progression with dissonant harmonies in it. though it is pretty calm and in Vincent's style "Ambient".

You might not be able to hum the melody of this track by listening to it, but on the other hand, you will remember the mood and the feeling of the track afterward. in another word, despite the different style of this track, the spirit of Vincent's music is still there.

A good feeling piece of music, perfect for background while you are chilling, or study, or relaxing. this is how I describe "Morning Haze".

Vincent is also a great photographer and as always the album artwork on his new single is one of his own photographs. a landscape of nature with sun rays coming to the frame from the right side. a picture of Morning Haze as beautiful as the music it is accompanying.

As a performer, Vincent has completely different music than his digital releases! he plays acoustic music on guitar, transcribing folk music to modern solo guitar music.

I think his new release, Morning Haze, is his first try to combine his performance music with his ambient compositions. and I'm sure in the near future we will hear more acoustic music in his digital and official releases!

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