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Dazzling guitar of Ricardo Salinas

Ricardo Alberto Salina Sánchez professionally known as Ricardo Salinas is a classical guitarist and music educator.

Ricardo is an up-and-coming performer in classical guitar, he has released several classical pieces in the past two years and performed on many occasions.

Usually, I write about a specific release, but this time I will talk about the discography of this immensely talented artist. In the past two years, Ricardo has released several solo guitar pieces on digital platforms.

The first thing that hit me when listening to Ricardo's music, was the smoothness of the notes. I confess that I'm no guitarist, but I know enough about the music to know which passages are harder to play and which are easier. in the case of Ricardo Salinas' music, even the hardest parts are played so smoothly and so effortlessly that it feels like the whole piece was pretty easy to play.

This much virtuosity over his instrument, made his pieces sound as smooth as a feather, regardless of the complexity of melody or the harmony. Usually, instrument players, especially in more popular genres don't hide the effort they make to play the hard passages in the pieces. it lets the audience appreciate the effort of the performer. though some musicians like Ricardo, sacrifice showmanship in their music in order to achieve something else, something that only a real virtuoso can achieve.

Ricardo Salinas performing guitar in a concert.

The mood of Ricardo Salinas' pieces is calming and peaceful most of the time. Though it always seems that he is telling a calming story than just merely playing a bunch of notes for the background.

I'm not sure if his music has been used for any soundtrack so far, but I imagine a variety of images with his music. The dramatic effect running through Ricardo's guitar makes it perfect for a soundtrack too.

Ricardo Salinas has been working as a professional musician for years now, but he just started releasing his music officially on digital platforms. If you are a fan of guitar, classical music, calming music, or even music in general, Ricardo Salinas is the guy to go to. The dazzling resonance of his guitar strings will hypnotize you and take you through a very beautiful journey. a journey that everybody in the modern and noisy world needs it.

I'm following Racrdo's career and waiting for his next release. and hope that he, like many other independent musicians, will one day receive the respect and fame he truly deserves.


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