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Tunitemusic’s new album “Painting your voice”

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Painting your voice is the name of the new album under the name of Tunitemusic. The twelve pieces on this album have been created by different artists. Vincent Roy, Arashk Azizi, and Viktoria Kryukova are the main artists participating in this new age and calming album.

The album itself is named after its first track which is a piano piece composed and performed by Arashk Azizi as a soundtrack for a short film by the same name. Other tracks of the album have the same mood and the piano is the main star of them.

It is not uncommon for music companies to release music under their own names instead of their artists' names. To name a few “Immediate music” and “Trialerhead” are two examples of such. Tunitemusic besides being a record label is also a music production company and having a portfolio as an artist under the name of the company will help it grow its brand. In this format, composers usually are commissioned to create tracks based on the needs of the company.

“Painting your voice” is Tunitemusic’s second official album after the “Piano rain” which was released almost two years ago and was consisting of six instrumental calming piano pieces with the sound of the rain in their background.

Album’s analysis:

Tunitemusic record label is mainly focusing on calm and instrumental music, to no surprise “painting your voice” contains twelve calming pieces mainly consisting of piano or electric piano. The general mood of the pieces is the same throughout the album, but you can feel the difference between the production quality of the pieces.

Arashk Azizi the producer of this album, claims the different production qualities which result in different sounding pieces are completely intentional. “The aim of the company is to have more variety of tracks for different situations, therefore letting different composers using their own specific style makes sense for us,” says Arashk.

Based on the claims by the producer I understand the decision, but personally, I prefer each album to have a sense of unity in it. “Painting your voice” seems to have sacrificed the unity of the album for a more varied combination of music in order to cover a bigger spectrum of audience in one release!

But when you listen to each track individually, most of them are pretty lovely and nice. Based on your taste in music, there is at least one track that you will love in this album.

Tunitemusic as the artist:

After the first release by Tunitemusic, it seemed that the company had chosen a different path focusing on publishing music rather than producing it. But after two years it seems that Tunitemusic is back as a music production company and trying to fix its name as a musical artist as well as a record company.

The name of the tracks on this album in order are:

  1. Painting your voice

  2. Trudge in blue

  3. A rainy day

  4. Repose

  5. Cloudy skies

  6. Reverie

  7. Nightingale

  8. Halcyon

  9. Murky

  10. Forgotten

  11. Remembrance

  12. Farewell

The names of the pieces in the album seem to have a connection with each other which can create a story. From “Painting your voice” to “Farewell” in the end, there are some ups and downs that could offer connectivity among the pieces in terms of the subject.

Based on the works of the producer of the album, I’d guess this is a big possibility. But in the end, that’s up to your imagination to connect them and create your own story out of it or not.


It’s been a while since Tunitemusic released an album, either under its own artist name or the artist’s name. In the past few months, we have seen only single tracks from this record label. This might be a sign that we should be waiting for more albums in the near future from this publication.

And as for the album, I can guarantee that it won’t let you down. There are more good tracks in it than you could simply ignore. Listen to it and let me know what is your idea about this new-age album in the comments.

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