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How to get on playlists on Spotify?

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Getting on a playlist with a high amount of followers on Spotify is every independent artist’s dream. But how?

There are a lot of companies giving you this kind of service today. You just give them the link to your track, pay the money, and BAM! After twenty-four hours, it starts. Your track that did not have more than ten streams per day; Now has almost ten thousand streams each day.

But nothing’s that easy. You should already be aware that this scenario is just too good to be true. The easier the process is, the more fake it is. Usually, these companies use bots to get plays for you. Of course, not all of them do that, some are legit and really have playlists with real people playing.

There are some companies that really promote your music through playlists, one of the ways that you can realize they are doing the real thing, is that their process is hard and are expensive. You know a company is really promoting your music when:

  • First, they check your track.

  • They don’t accept all kinds of music.

  • They don’t promise a fixed number of listens at a specific time.

  • They are expensive.

To find these companies, the best way is to search for the playlists with lots of followers on Spotify or Apple music in your own genre or mood. Then find the name of the owner of the playlist and then find them on Facebook or in case they are a company find their website and contact them.

Submithub is a forum for independent artists. you can open a free account on this website and try to learn from other musicians like yourself who are sharing their personal experiences. the website also provides some services in which you can pitch your song to Spotify play-listers or bloggers for a minimum amount of money, and if those curators accept your track they will share it on their playlist or blogs.

I can also recommend you Playlistpush and Playlist-promotion. We can say that they are legit enough. But they are not the only ones. Tey to find more options, maybe you could find better and cheaper options. If you did, please let us know about them. Keep in mind that getting on a playlist is just one of the ways to get heard. There are other ways to be successful too.

There are also the editorial playlists of Spotify. For your music to get on them you need to apply through the “Spotify for Artists” platform. In your music section, there is an “Upcoming” subsection. The music that you have uploaded through distributor websites and are not yet reached the published date that you chose, will be shown here. You can choose your tracks from here and apply for editorial review. You need to fill up a form which is basically an application for reviewing your music, you need to talk about your resume a bit here and places your music has been, and how many fans you’ve got. And if they like your music, they will put them on some of Spotify’s own playlists.

Please keep in mind that once your music’s release date is passed, you can no longer apply them for editorial playlists on Spotify.

Let’s back up a little bit. You may say that I am willing to pay less money for the higher number of listens by bots. But wait… that’s not a good idea. For each listen that you get on a streaming platform, they have to give some money to you. So they are constantly monitoring if there is a track with fake plays on the platform. And if they find out about you and your secret, your artist page will be blocked never to return to the realm of that platform again. Then you have to make a new e-mail address and choose a new artist name and go through the process of uploading your work all over again.

Even if you don’t get caught, most probably you will not get paid as much as you think with the fake plays. So the safest way is to find legit ways of promoting your music. we at Tunitemusic strongly recommend you to not use the bots for the extra number of streams on any of the platforms.

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