How to get on playlists on Spotify?

Getting on a playlist with a high amount of followers on Spotify is every independent artist’s dream. But how?

How can I put my music on Spotify and Apple Music?

To distribute your music online through famous platforms like Spotify, you need to have an assigned label or in case you are an independent artist, you should find a digital distributor first. If you have signed a contract with a label, probably you need not worry about how your music gets uploaded on digital platforms. Just read your contract, it is not like an app update’s agreement that you just agree and sign in. this is the contract over the ownership of your art, your s

How to promote my music?

Every hour a thousand music tracks are uploaded on the main digital music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Music, and Deezer. Now between all these music how can you promote your music? Surely this is not the first website you have clicked on in the hope of finding a way to promote your music. So you already know all the steps other people say. Just to make sure here is the list of the things you should do: Upload your music on famous streaming platforms an