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Ten reasons you should start learning a musical instrument right now

Learning to play a musical instrument has a lot of benefits, both mental and physical.

Though it might take some of your free time away, the benefits that playing a musical instrument brings to you are worth losing some of the time that you usually spent surfing social media. Here are ten reasons to consider learning a musical instrument.

1- Playing an instrument releases the stress from you

Playing an instrument is one of the best ways to express your feelings. Whether you feel sad or angry or happy, you can share it with the world through your instrument. Imagine smashing powerful cords on the piano instead of fighting over something with your family. Not only you won’t disrespect anybody, but also you will feel more relieved.

2- Playing a musical instrument makes you smarter

Even listening to music makes your brain work with a higher capacity. Music has different layers melodic, harmonic and rhythmic. Each of these layers has different textures. Therefore whether you are aware of it or not, many parts of your brain have to work to analyze what you are listening to. Now imagine learning to play a piece of music, your brain needs to analyze all kinds of muscle, visual, and memory parts in addition to what it analyzes hearing what you are playing. Playing a musical instrument is indeed a gym for your mind.

3- Learning music teaches you patience

If you don’t know it yet, know you should know, that playing a musical instrument is hard. It takes a lot of time not to master, but to only be played with a normal sound. And it does not matter what instrument you choose, after all, they each have their own kind of challenges. But if you learn an instrument, then not only you have learned how to play a piece of music, but also you learned how to be patient and how to practice a piece of music over and over again without losing your mind. Spoiler alert, you may lose your mind trying to learn an instrument!

4- Music makes your brain works brighter

Learning an instrument needs hard work. It makes your brain work to its full capacity and even pushes its capacity over. When learning an instrument, you just don’t learn how to push buttons or pluck strings, you learn how the music works, how each piece sounds like it does, and why. This gives your brain a lot of new information that leads it to be more creative.

5- Music helps your memory and guarantees you will never get Alzheimer

Learning to play musical pieces on any instrument, makes your mind search over its memory and brings back a lot of information needed to play a certain piece. Even a virtuosos brain needs to work hard to learn a new piece of music. That alone is enough for you not to get any sickness related to memory and brain functioning.

6- It makes you able to manage your life better

Maybe an amateur player doesn’t understand it yet, but the more professional you get in playing an instrument, the more organized you need to become in order to solve complex technical issues in playing a piece.

7- You will find new friends

There might be some rumors that musicians are geeks and have no friends.

Great composers and virtuoso players might have been shown as some kind of weirdos in the movies. But the truth is playing an instrument will lead to finding friends and jamming with them, where you will get on the same rhythms and play the same tunes. That will make enemies become friends! Of course, if you are going to play the piano, this part does not concern you. You will end up alone and a weirdo. Just kidding!!

8- Playing a musical instrument makes you feel more confident

Do we really have to explain this one? Just imagine all your friends and family gathered around in complete silence listening to you playing a piece of music. After you finish playing everybody claps for you till their hands turn red, even if they don’t get what you have played they will still do that. If that does not makes you feel confident, if that does not resolve the proof you always demanded from your parents, we don’t know what will.

9- It gives you a sense of achievement

When you can play a piece of music, on any scale with any accuracy, it makes you feel like you achieved an important goal. Hearing the melody of your favorite songs, simplified and played by you in the first months of learning an instrument, are the biggest prize you can get.

10- It will make you happy

There are a lot of reasons to play a musical instrument, even besides the nine reasons that we counted here, you can find a lot more too. Many believe it even makes you sexier and more attractive. But besides all those reasons, you should always remember that playing a musical instrument is fun and it makes you happy. After you learn to play some tunes and start improvising on your instrument, it will always remain your best friend through health and sickness, your instrument will be the only one who understands how you feel exactly. If you haven’t started learning an instrument, don’t postpone meeting your best friend for life.

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