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The Tree & The Moon by Christof R. Davis

"The Tree and the Moon" is a crossover classical album featuring a multistylistic artistic expression by Christof R. Davis. It traverses the realm of program music, where the melody line and harmony eschew fixed forms like Menuet or Sonata in favor of storytelling. Motives and themes act as characters, evolving as the narrative unfolds. Primarily driven by the piano, the album embarks its listeners on a mystic journey.

The album opens with "Prologue - The Path & The Pilgrim," enveloping the audience in a divine atmosphere. Unworldly bell timbres merge with a minted piano and strings, transitioning from an atmospheric and ambient mood to a melodic section.

In "The Owl & The Dark," Davis showcases his mastery, leading the melody deep into the listener's soul. "The Fox & The Storm" begins with a slow, subtle melody reminiscent of a fox's steps, evolving into a stormy atmosphere with the accompaniment of electric guitar and saxophone.

"Interlude - Midnight" brings calm back to the woods, as the organ's timbre creates a divine vibe. "The Tree & The Moon," the album's centerpiece, unfolds a dialogue between the titular entities through strings and piano notes, revealing new layers with each listen.

"The Moth & The Bat" is a rhythmic piece highlighting the agility of these creatures in flight. "Interlude - 2am" marks the passage of time, immersing listeners in a somber silence with dissonant piano chords.

"The Mouse & The Starlight" creates a mystical drama of a mouse beneath starlight, with dramatic arpeggios and an enthralling sax solo stimulating the listener's imagination. "The Mist & The Magic" crafts an ambient soundscape of mystical and magical landscapes, utilizing long notes and subtle melodies without any sign of rhythm to showcase the mistful landscape.

"Epilogue - The Pilgrim & The Dawn" softly played on piano, signals the arrival of a beautiful new day. As a surprise for listeners, Davis includes two bonus tracks: "The Tree & The Moon (Quartet Version)" and "The Owl & The Dark (Ambient Version)," both beautiful renditions of previously heard pieces.

"The Tree & The Moon" is the highly anticipated new Neo-Classical album from Christof R. Davis, telling tales set in an English woodland near his home. Featuring guest artists such as Mikey Davis on saxophone, Jono Wright on guitar, ALX, and a Rome-based string quartet, the album promises a rich, immersive experience.

Credits include Christof R. Davis as writer and performer, alongside guest musicians, with score revision and string quartet direction by Stefano Tiero and string quartet recording by Federico Tiero of DoubleSharp Productions.

Pre-save this amazing album today and don't miss its premiere.

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