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"Elektronika," Vincent Roy's second album, offers eight ambient electronic tracks that create a soothing, calming experience. Each piece showcases exceptional quality with meticulous mixing and mastering. The vintage synth sounds are sure to captivate and impress listeners, making this album a standout in the electronic music scene. Dive into the tranquil and mesmerizing world of "Elektronika" and elevate your music collection with Vincent Roy's masterful auditory journey.

"Elektronika," the second album from French musician Vincent Roy, produced by Arashk Azizi and released under the Tunitemusic record label, is a standout in the realm of ambient electronic music. Dropped in April 2021, this album consists of eight thoughtfully composed tracks: “Sideways,” “Cascade,” “Dialogue,” “Elektronika,” “Inherence,” “Interlude,” “Waves,” and “One Last Thought.” It is accessible across major digital music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and YouTube Music, with studio-quality versions available for purchase at Tunitemusic’s store.

The album’s ambient vibe is sustained throughout, offering a soothing and immersive experience. Despite being driven by synthesizers, "Elektronika" exudes an acoustic essence, thanks to Vincent's expertise as a guitarist. This blend brings a unique acoustic feel to the purely electronic compositions, making it a distinctive addition to the genre.

Ideal for background listening, "Elektronika" has found its place in numerous ambient playlists curated on various platforms. Its rich melodic textures also make it perfect for pairing with visual media, such as videos and short films. Vincent Roy’s objective with this project was to craft music that could serve as a versatile soundtrack, suitable for a wide range of audio-visual applications. This intention shines through in the album’s melodic and narrative depth.

Producer Arashk Azizi envisioned creating an album that was easy to listen to yet rich in melody and narrative. Vincent Roy’s talent has brought this vision to fruition, resulting in a remarkable collection of tracks. The album features modular synth keys, repetitive arpeggios, and a minimalist style, all contributing to a sophisticated listening experience that enhances the appreciation of electronic ambient music.

Though Vincent Roy may not yet be widely known, the quality of his work is on par with that of established names in the industry. With continued support from his growing fanbase, he is poised to gain the recognition he truly deserves. As avid music enthusiasts, we eagerly anticipate his future projects and look forward to his ongoing evolution as an artist.

Immerse yourself in the serene and captivating world of "Elektronika" and enrich your music collection with this exceptional album by Vincent Roy.

"Elektronika, an acoustic experience in the realm of electronic music."

UM Squad

"Enjoyed melancholic vibes."

Lofiraul Records

"Nice calming composition."
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