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Tune of the Week: Für Jonathan by Engel Trio

I’ll start with the question that you desperately want to know the answer to. Who is this Jonathan character? Does he play jazz music like this too? Does he have some sort of hold over one of the members of the Engle Trio in which he demands that they craft for him a jazz-heavy rendition of a song featuring his name, or is Jonathan just a baby? Jonathan would make an utterly fabulous baby.

What the Engel Trio has done here is shuffled away many newer jazz elements and allowed themselves to work as a small group of three that bring back a more classic feel to their jazz work. They are able to bring forward a very collected sound with just the piano, upright bass, and drums. They didn't add any sort of harps or jazz flutes to this piece and I believe it makes a grand difference when you hear it.

Für Jonathan is the type of music I can imagine myself witnessing as soon as I step onto a cruise ship. I’m suddenly hanging out in the piano lounge as the band takes the stage. I want to hear big sounds from a small group and nothing could be better than Für Jonathan by the Engle Trio. You've got an 18-hour trip to Stockholm planned, but suddenly, you’ve been taken to an entirely different musical place for a while. It’s brilliant music from a more brilliant time.

The locksmiths of the groove include Manuel Seng, Grégoire Pignède & Maximilian Hering. Hering does most of the composition work for Engel Trio, but like most jazz trios, you can always hear the rest of the band as well. What really matters here is how quickly one can attach themselves to the sound of Für Jonathan upon hearing it. How you can quickly close your eyes and move to your own small ship.

One of the most exciting elements of "Tunes of the Week" is the ability to very much see what younger talent is doing as they continue to implement the elements they've learned while making both new and classic jazz records. Manuel Seng, Grégoire Pignède, and Maximilian Hering have turned their Engel Trio into something more bombastic to move with your entire body. With a full album coming out on September 1, 2023, on Bandcamp, enjoy Für Jonathan on Tidal, Spotify, and Apple Music. Make a decision to buy a copy of this Engel Trio record when you can. It’s more soothing music for you in the long haul. The kind that will take both you and baby gangster Jonathan directly to an all-new ship of your own.

More new songs can be found on Tunitemusic Spotify playlists! We update our playlists on a daily basis and are always looking for new talents to share with our audience.

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