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Tune of the week: Symphony No. 1 "shifting sands" by Marc Harris

Shifting Sands is a symphony in the style of the late romantic era. This contemporary piece depicts the ongoing conflict between light and darkness. In contrast to most traditional works, the struggle between the major and minor moods occurs within each phrase rather than between two themes. The unstable but intriguing and pleasant atmosphere is created by a harmony that varies on each measure, making the audience feel the rough ride.

A classical symphony for the new millennium, "Shifting Sands" was written in the pandemic's darkest hours. This music continues to spin us from the shifting sands of Arabia to the limitless plains of the Serengeti, the untamed steppes of Asia to the jungles of Central and South America, howling back in wrath at the powers of creation as the dust settles and the world seeks equilibrium once more.

Marc's interest in and involvement with music began when his parents took him to concerts when he was a young child. From an early age, he was passionate about playing the piano and continued to do so throughout college and beyond in pubs and restaurants. He incorporates references from a lifetime of diverse musical interests into his own compositions, which permeate all of his works.

He had spent his working life running a thriving safari company, so he had little time for much else, but he continued to play keyboards for a variety of local bands. Time to create was an unexpected gift from the dark heart of darkness. Marc suddenly had time to write the music he had been wanting for, until COVID struck. The music started to flow when he had the office to himself, with just a few keyboards and speakers for company.

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