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Tune of the Week: Anti-Hero by Dallas String Quartet

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

The defining characteristic of Anti-Hero by the Dallas String Quartet is how blended the sound is. While it could have been simple to dive into this position with full strings and little to no backup, the Quartet instead decided to add the bass notes and a drummer rhythm to their version of the song. It leaves an explosion of sound to listen to and appreciate.

Originally made famous by musical talent Taylor Swift, Anti-Hero by the Dallas String Quartet actually adds in pieces of what could be considered a more country version in their rendition. The methods chosen for the string version of the song are comfortably able to bring back Swift's more country sensibilities. To better understand what I mean, check out the acoustic version of Anti-Hero by Swift herself, or Anti-Hero (Country Version) put out by Josiah and the Bonnevilles. Both of these versions strip out the other instruments we've gotten used to and pull the song back to its more stripped-down roots. You can almost hear how it could have been written with a guitar at first. Meanwhile, if your knowledge of 2000’s television shows is a bit stronger, imagine you’re watching an episode of Firefly and Malcolm Reynold’s crew has to bring Jayne back from Canton Factory on Higgins Moon. Rather than singing A Man They Call Jayne, they instead return to space with a more melancholy version of Anti-Hero instead. Someone has to be the **Anti-Hero** and it’s going to be either Jayne Cobb or Taylor Swift.

Musically, the Dallas String Quartet’s version of Anti-Hero is a more country and in many ways more beautiful rendition of a song about a massive pop star’s insecurities and fears. As a new listener to the Quartet and Swift herself, I would say I missed a great deal of the sadness she’s seeking to leave in the song. Perhaps Dallas String Quartet wanted to keep the energy high and the comedy low, but this version of the song feels great on the way down. I can see how this version of Anti-Hero would be a lynchpin at a Texas wedding or cotillion. It is something fun that reminds you of

something you feel you’ve heard before, complete with bass and drums that come in at 1:04. It’s an almost more unique version than the original Anti-Hero which does a pretty magnificent job at showcasing Taylor Swift's misery and bringing out the potential heartache she wanted to put there. Hopefully, no one will have to make any changes to an accompanying music video.

Ultimately, I feel you can dive right into Dallas String Quartet’s version of Anti-Hero and make it part of your night. It’s bright, it’s beautiful, and it’s charming in a way the original doesn’t always master despite its rather comedic lyrics. So far, I believe Dallas String Quartet has made the best new version of Anti-Hero in 2023, and I look forward to it carving out a spot on your soothing Spotify playlist.

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