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Tune of the week: Lucent by SONORO

SONORO's music is pleasantly unique, fusing jazz, blues, and Latin rhythms with classical overtones. You'll be tapping your feet or transported to a movie-like setting where you can take a moment of quiet reflection while listening to interesting arrangements with great melodic depth.

The group is directed by pianist and composer Sharon Ruchman, who draws inspiration from the group's accomplished players of the flute, saxophone, viola, cello, bass, and percussion. She adds a playful and exploratory touch to the music, showing the group's dynamic personalities and abilities.

Beginning with a gentle piano arpeggio, Lucent progresses with floating strings. a relaxing and soothing piece that transports you on a mental journey through tranquility. The piece has an excellent melody. You can clearly hear the melody while its countermelody is on the lower register, although it feels impossible to cut the piece at some points. The melody is endless and flows freely till the end.

More new songs can be found on our Spotify playlists! We update our playlists on a daily basis and are always looking for new talents to share with our audience.

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