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Clouds by Viktoria Kryukova

Viktoria Kryukova's first official release is a new wave EP album called "clouds" produced and released by the Tunitemusic record label.

The Ukrainian musician's first official release is an EP consisting of three tracks.

Viktoria is mainly a keyboard player and in her album, the main melodies are played by synthesizers or electric piano all performed by Kryukova herself.

"Clouds" contains three tracks named in order:

  1. Clouds

  2. Spring Rainn

  3. Run

"The reaction I got from the audience is even better than I anticipated," says Arashk Azizi, the album producer.

I think it is no surprise that the audience loved this album. the spirit of the music in "clouds" has a good feeling that really helps you chill out. to be honest this has been one of the few albums that I listened to recently and did not make me sad.

There seems to be an unwritten law that calm music should have a dark or sad mood in it too. for sure Viktoria did not care for that and went straight for good-feeling music.

"Clouds" background

The idea of the album is based on Viktoria's memory of leaving her country for Poland, her current residing place.

"I was pretty stressed, until when the plane took off and went beyond the clouds, suddenly I felt I passed through a door and saw a world of opportunities in front of me. I was scared but excited and happy in a way and I tried to bring that feeling to life through y music," says Viktoria about her release.

While listening to "clouds" you can actually feel the calmness and positive thinking that Viktoria talks about. in my opinion her music is not very narrative, I don't hear a story there, but I can definitely feel something. music based on moods, music that does not try to tell you a story, but tries to make you feel a feeling.

Orchestration and Form

"Clouds" is an Electronic album, a combination of new-wave and chill beats styles.

Acoustic guitar arpeggios, soft drums beats, and electronic pads accompany the main melody, mainly performed by electric piano and synths.

Viktoria Kryukova is a songwriter and the form of her instrumental music is also close to a pop song. If you listen to the album and imagine a vocal instead of the electric piano, there you have a nice pop album.

The main melody in Viktoria's music is somehow the lead character of the music. unlike many other instrumental music pieces, the main melody here does not have the same interaction with its accompaniments. it shows up on top of all the accompaniments, plays its melodies, or we could say, sings its song, and goes away while the other instruments finish the track.

This is not Viktoria's invention, of course, this is just another way of writing music that she saw fit for her music in this album.


I always become a bit personal in this part of my reviews. as for the "clouds", I like the album and especially the feeling of the music. I also added the first track to my playlist. but I think in long term this is one of those kinds of music that won't stay on the playlists forever.

Not that there is anything wrong with the album, only the form and the way it is constructed are based on popular music, and as a part of this form, you feel the need to listen to new songs after a while. it does not have the complexity of a classical piece or the atmospheric soundscape of relaxing ambient music.

So, as far as I'm concerned, Viktoria is one of my favorite artists now, I just need her to be active and release more music soon. I'm eagerly waiting to hear her next album.

Don't forget that besides listening to this album on all digital platforms, you can support this independent musician and also the record label by buying the high-quality version of "clouds" straight from Tunitemusic's store.

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